FDP - Fujimi Diamond Pellet and Resin

FDP is a diamond tool for rough polishing of optical lenses, prisms, and other precision glass products. FDP consists of carefully selected diamond abrasives formed into a pellet by a unique process developed by Fujimi. FDP produces rapid stock removal, increased efficiency in production, and elimination of waste.

FDP resin is a diamond abrasive pellet that uses a resinoid bond. Its primary use is for precision finishes on optical glass products. FDP resin produces a surface roughness of Rmax 0.1μ or better.

When using FDP resin with FDP or CERPET, the NR (Newton Ring) can be carefully monitored. This reduces polishing time and produces the best possible finish. 

FDP, Fujimi Metal Bonded Diamond Pellet Dimensions

Diameter (mmφ) Thickness (mm t)
Metal Resin
4 2,3 2,3
5 2,3,5 2,3
6 2,3,5 2,3,5
7 2,3,5 2,3,5
8 2,3,5 2,3,5
10 2,3,5 2,3,5
12 2,3,5 3,5
14 2,3,5 3,5
16 2,3,5 3,5
20 2,3,5 3,5

Curvature(R):5 ~ ∞ (based on the mold list)
The bond recommended depends on the type of glass and grinding conditions.
(bond selection list is available through your sales representative)

In addition to the diameter and thickness, FDP is available with a variety of particle sizes, curvatures, and contours.
Contact Fujimi sales representatives for assistance in selecting the right FDP product for your application.

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Fixed Diamond Abrasive Machining, diamond abrasive

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